Removal of the massive pecan tree, irreparably damaged by Hurricane Isabel in 2003, which stood next to the Mount Vernon Mansion. Photo: W. JewellWe work exclusively with trees that have fallen in storms, are diseased, unsafe, or are being removed for construction -- along with timbers removed from historical sites during renovation of existing structures. 

HWA offers a historically significant, revenue- producing alternative to the owners of historic trees.  Instead of underutilizing or discarding these limited, valuable resources at a landfill, we are committed to preserving not only history, but the integrity of the environment through our unique services.

HWA is located near historic Fredericksburg, Virginia, and has reclaimed trees and timbers from several landmark sites, including George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, James Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland, James Madison’s Montpelier, Patrick Henry’s Red Hill Estate, Kenmore, Ferry Farm, and a few civil war related sites. 

HWA clients benefit directly from our unique practice of giving this otherwise wasted resource new life as furniture, artwork, fine writing instruments, and other memorabilia. 

Typically, we deliver a portion of the proceeds from sales of products created from the wood back to the  historic organization. 

Historical Woods of America helps to keep the important history of America alive for current and future generations.  Through our innovative services and products, we strive to ensure our nation's rich cultural history, as well as the environment is preserved. 

We have created a business and brand like no other, and will continue to lead the way in the field of reclaiming America's most historic "Witness Trees", and timbers from historic sites.